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ISO 9000, ISO 90001, ISO 90004

The ISO 9000 series are of course the most well known and widely used of international standards. However, the original quality management standard was actually BS 5750, which was published by BSI in 1979. The ISO 9000 series first emerged in 1989 and was based upon this. It has been revised and updated (by a revisions committee TC 176) approximately every five years since then (1995, 2000 and 2005).

The actual family of ISO 9000 standards is quite large, but the major documents are as follows:

ISO 9000: Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary
ISO 9001: Quality management systems - Requirements
ISO 9004: Quality management systems - Guidelines for performance improvements

In addition to these, a number of industry specific interpretations have emerged, most notably ISO 16949 and ISO 13485.

ISO 90001 Certification

The most well known of this series is ISO 90001. It is this part against wish third party certification is available. The major content sections of this standard are as follows:

Section 4: General Requirements
Section 5: Management Responsibility
Section 6: Resource Management
Section 7: Product Realization
Section 8: Measurement, analysis and improvement

Internet Sources
International Standards Organization.

The ISO 9000 series of standards can be purchased online from:
ISO's Main Website

British Standards Institute

BSI offer direct download of the same standards from their online distributor:
Standards Direct

Standards Council of Canada

The Standards Council of Canada offer the standards through their:

Standards Australia

Standards Australia offer the standard in PDF format from their:
SAI Global Webshop

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